Time to go Salmon Fishing!

By Tom Stienstra  |  July 13, 2017 |  Full story found at SF Chronicle

A new approach to fishing — lets call it “The Power of Negative Thinking” — has taken hold this summer.

Despite a doomsday spring forecast, salmon fishing has been great out of the Golden Gate for several weeks. This weekend and the 10 days after it may provide “best-of-year” type prospects.

“Maybe they’re onto something — predict the worst and then summer shows up and the salmon jump in the boat,” said Jacky Douglas, one of several skippers who met at Castagnola’s at Fisherman’s Wharf on Monday night for a dinner to honor Hall of Fame skipper Roger Thomas.

“There seems to be lots of salmon out there and the fishing is good,” Thomas said.

With social media and the age of instant fishing reports, boat scores and news about trips are instantly verifiable. When even the skippers are amazed at the success, you know you’re on to something big.  Continue Reading at SF Chronicle

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