Kitchen Story, Sweet Maple Owner To Open Surisan In The Wharf

By Geri Koeppel, on Monday, February 15th, 2016

"Fisherman's Wharf is getting a flourish of culinary creativity with a new restaurant called Surisan, which will offer everything from traditional American breakfasts to innovative modern Asian-American fusion with a heavy Korean inspiration. It's expected to open in late May in the former Andersen Bakery at 505 Beach St. (at Jones).

Co-owner Steven Choi used to be a bioengineer working on viral research, but veered into the food business 14 years ago. He also owns also owns Blackwood American-Thai Fusion in the Marina, Kitchen Story in the Castro (which also features Asian influences), Sweet Maple in Lower Pacific Heights, Taylor Street Coffee Shop in the Tenderloin, and a couple of places in Marin. And his brother-in-law, who's a minority partner in Surisan, owns Hollywood Cafe in the Wharf. (Choi has yet another project in the works slated for a May opening—Berkeley Social Club on University Avenue in Berkeley.)" 

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