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Townsquared is a free, online network for only businesses. Over 130 people from almost 100 businesses are on Townsquared, sharing information every day about events, crime and safety, and tips and advice. Members are using Townsquared to meet other businesses around them for the purposes of getting advice, forming partnerships, and growing their business. The three most common topics on Townsquared are (1) Crime and Safety; (2) advice and

partnerships for reaching new customers; and (3recommendations for services. 


Recently, Townsquared launched a Police Share feature that enables merchants to share crime and safety news with the officers from Central Station who patrol our streets. Crime and safety is always a big topic in our neighborhood, and now with Police Share, our beat officers will receive notifications on crime and safety issues. 


How can you make your business stronger? Find out on  Fisherman’s Wharf private network for local businesses and professionals.

·        Get notifications and urgent alerts about nearby crime

·        Communication with local experts

·        Solve day-to-day problems

·        Connect with industry groups

·        Get better recommendations


You can sign up for Townsquared here: