There are many tour bus loading/unloading zones at Fisherman's Wharf for tour buses to use for their clients.  In addition to the loading zones, there are also metered on-street parking spaces at Fisherman's Wharf for tour bus parking. These spaces give tour buses a place to layover after unloading passengers while they wait for when they will be done with their tour or bay cruise and ready to be picked up again.  



To review the San Francisco Motorcoach Guidelines from the MTA please click here. 

To download the Fisherman's Wharf Tour Bus Loading Zones and Metered Tour Bus Parking Zones go here.


Tour Bus Loading & Parking Map

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Summary of the metered tour bus spaces

  • Four-hour time limits.
  • Reserved for tour buses only between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (violators can be reported by calling Central Station at 415-553-0123).
  • The spots are approximately 60 feet long. 
  • The rate is $5 per hour.
  • New parking meters that allow payment by coin, SFMTA Parking Cards or with a credit/debit card.
  • SFMTA Parking Cards can be purchased at numerous locations, including the nearby Walgreens on Jones and Jefferson streets. These spaces are open to general parking after 7 p.m.
  • For Pier 39: The turnout loading zone directly in front of Pier 39 can only be approached from westbound on the Embarcadero. If traveling eastbound on Beach Street, turn right on Taylor or Powell Street, left on North Point Street, then left onto the Embarcadero. Do not stop in the red zone on the Embarcadero in front of Pier 39. Metered bus parking is available nearby on the south side of North Point Street just west of Kearny Street.
  • Tour bus metered parking spots (four-hour time limits) at Fisherman’s Wharf:

Address                               Side of Street / Space
600 North Point Street           North / 3
2700 Jones Street                  East / 2
2600 Jones Street                  West / 3
199 North Point Street            South / 7
2506 Mason Street                 East / 1


In June 2013, sidewalks on Jefferson Street between Jones and Hyde Streets were widened to create an improved pedestrian, bicycle and visitor experience by narrowing the roadway. Motor Coaches are prohibited from going east bound on the entirety of Jefferson Street. All motor vehicles are discouraged on westbound Jefferson Street between Powell and Hyde Streets, which has been converted to two-way traffic. Motor coaches please use Beach, North Point or Bay Streets instead of Jefferson Street.